Land Development


Skymark will acquire the land and will work to enhance the property’s value through design and / or development. The objective being to maximize the property’s potential through our highest and best use analysis.

To see how Skymark takes a project from a Site Plan to a fully
developed community of 248 townhomes


“Skymark specializes in developing and acquiring land in Florida and Maryland” –
Brent Markofsky, VP, Business Development, Land Acquisition and Sales

“We build relationships with community leaders and local jurisdictions to lay the foundation for
a smooth approval and development process with a free flow of communications to ensure success.”

 – Stanley Markofsky, Chairman and President

Highest and Best Use

Highest and best use analysis integrates all aspects of the development process from marketplace analysis, to design concepts to final product positioning and pricing. Our analysis allows us to see opportunities in a project and maximize its potential.
After conducting feasibility studies, zoning analysis, environmental impact research, assessing the local political culture of the community and local residential needs, we determine how best to develop a property.

Feasibility Studies

Skymark provides a complete analysis of a property’s economic feasibility for a proposed use including:

  • Proposed Site Examination
  • Marketing and Demographic Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Supply, Demand and Absorption Analysis for both short and long term
  • Zoning Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Financial Projections


Familiarity with property zoning and license requirements is essential to the rapid and efficient development of any property. Our team examines how a specific property is zoned, and based on our highest and best use analysis, acquires the necessary approvals to develop or re-zone the property.


Our Land Development team works with various civil, land and other engineers to fully understand the environmental issues and concerns for an individual property. Based on our initial environmental assessment report, we can determine proper land use, setbacks and mitigation plans as appropriate

Property Dispositions

Property disposition plans are based on our 40 plus years of market experience with a broad range of properties from single-family and multi-family subdivisions to commercial properties.
We look at the property’s “Four Selling Points” to determine best possible price scenarios and then will market the property through our vast network of local, regional and national developers and builders.
Four Selling Points: Each represents a unique profit center with different risk-rewards on a given property

  • Highest and Best Use
  • After Entitlements / Permits Secured
  • Develop / Construct the Infrastructure
  • Build End Product and Market it to End User

Work Outs

Skymark is an expert at creating innovative solutions for problem properties by reanalyzing, redesigning, and repositioning the land for new use and zoning based on current and future local market conditions as such conditions often change over time.
Our Work Out team will review plans, permits, current market conditions and project status as well as financing, and zoning in order to create a highest and best use scenario for the distressed property.


Skymark understands the engineering process and gets involved before the first shovel enters the ground. Our Land Development specialists will select the best engineering team based on the property’s unique developmental characteristics and propose solutions to ensure success.
We coordinate teams of professional experts  including environmentalists, civil and traffic engineers, land planners, architects and landscape architects all committed to achieving the goal of highest and best use of the land.


“If Skymark builds it, they will come.”

Skymark excels at researching and understanding the local real estate market wherever our properties are located.  Armed with this knowledge we can determine how to best position a property based on local market conditions and area demographics,

Our marketing team then packages the property to attract the right buyer in order to maximize profitability of the project.


Joint Venture Participation

“Venture Capital plays an important role in the development process, and we offer our financial expertise and vision where we see value.”
 – Matthew Markofsky, VP, Contracts & Entitlements, CFO

Just as there is no “I” in team, we at Skymark realize the best opportunities may come about through joint venture collaboration with others. Our Joint Venture participation includes land acquisition, financing, development and project participation at every level. Our experience, dedication, and strong affiliations allow us to offer joint venture partners profitable opportunities in real estate development; opportunities made possible by more than 40 years of market knowledge and development know-how .

Skymark offers and or secures Joint Venture Capital for land development pending results of the highest and best use analysis. Once our team has determined the potential value of a property we can offer the following in terms of a Joint Venture relationship:
Create and arrange the financing for the entire project, from land purchasing through development, by way of various financial instruments and institutions
• Equity Financing
• Private Placements
• Working Capital and Asset Based Financing
• Mortgage and Construction Financing